Friday, January 8, 2010

You will have to guess ......

ok a guessing game of sorts.....
what did Taylor get for her birthday??
a suitcase???
she didn't even ask for a suitcase...
oh but wait!
whats in the suitcase???

a scrapbook??
"I don't get it!"
look IN the scrapbook silly~

NO WAY!!!!!

I cant believe it!!!

oh YEAH!!!!!
ok blogger friends.....what is it????


Summer said...

a trip to disney land

Francie said...

your on the right track but not the right answer

Fullerton Family said...

a trip.... to somewhere fun??

Cornell Family said...

She gets to go to Hawaii with you. What a lucky girl.

Kacie said...

Ya some kind of trip. I am thinking Hawaii! But hurry andpost it I want to know. And can I go to Hawaii with you to. Koby and I would make GREAT chaperones I am sure of it!!!