Sunday, February 26, 2012

Second week in Hawaii...

Last year we stayed a week and took the boys and my sister Lynn and stayed an extra week on Kauai
This year, Rich took the boys home with him and the exchange students
and Lynn and I flew to Maui and met my mom and other sister Tammy there.
We had a great extra week playing together!
The first day we took a drive and then a little hike
to see this blow hole...

We did some snorkeling another day
And then some zip lining
Tammy had never been so it was fun for Lynn and I to razz her
she did great though and now she is a pro

We had to cross this bridge....

Lynn, Me and Tammy

This was the longest line of the was 750 yard
The longest line i have ever done.
It went about 35 miles an hour

Tammy gives the thumbs up after finishing the course

We did some sunning and Shopping during the week.
We went to a magic show that was hilarious and awesome
but i think one of the high lights on our trip was the drive
they call the road to Hana.
This is a very long trip...
it took us about 12 hours all together, on a very narrow (two lanes most of the time)
 with stops along the way
for pictures...
The following photos are on the road to Hana

keep in mind that most all of Maui is not green
but on the road to Hana is where alllll the green appears.

There are alot of water falls along the way
this one is called 3 bears

This is the black sand beach...
I believe there is only one on Maui

It was amazing and beautiful
they say its made when lava flows down the mountain
and when it hits the water it bursts into little particles
there was sand near the water and just up from the water
it turns to these little black pebbles

This is another beach we stopped at...
we really wished we had not stopped so much along the way
and would have gotten to this beach early enough to enjoy it
it was probably the prettiest beach we saw on the whole trip

oh and we had this little visitor in our car waiting for us
when we got back in after a short stop for photos

These falls are called 7 sacred pools
I think it is much more impressive when the water is flowing
at a heavier rate but it was pretty cool just the same

This is what greeted us at the end of the road
On the last day we decided to go on a whale watching cruise
My Mom and Tammy


This was a baby humpback whale that showed off for us
for a long period of time.
It kept breaching out of the water
It was pretty amazing

This picture below depicts what Most of Maui looks like
Its kind of barren with trees and resorts all near the water.




Mother of Multiples said...

Every time I consider taking a trip to Hawaii I do the research and then give up...too many islands...where do u recommend a hubby and wife only trip to go in Hawaii .