Monday, February 22, 2010

Shred Fest 2010

This last Saturday we went up to sunrise to attend the "Shred Fest"
this was a ski and snowboard competition that Hayden was in charge of putting together.
Noah and Sawyer entered....
Sawyer put way to much pressure on himself and ended up backing out before it all started
but Noah followed through...
his first run was not so great...he fell down and hurt his back, not finishing his run
but his second run was much better and he took third place in his age category

(we wont tell anyone that there were only three kids in his age category)

Here is Noah just chillin before his second run....

Sawyer hanging out

Hayden, looking important...

Keeping the order of the boarders

and relaying the info to the Judges

did you notice he is wearing Ski boots? ya, weird I know! ever since he broke his collar bone he has been on ski's. I think he might actually like skiing more then snowboarding!!! No Lie!!
We got awesome kudo's about what a hard working, awesome kid we have

from his Manager at Sunrise as well as from the DC/SkullCandy Rep

they were both very impressed with his hard work and marketing abilities

(I think he gets both of those things from his dad!)

Goin' over the list with his dad

And then it started to snow....and the wind blew....and it was COLD!

Just ask Sawyer, he will tell you.....

It was a fun time and an awesome day...

thanks to Tanner from DC/skullCandy for hookin' the kids up with some cool gear!