Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weekly sports update

Well here it is Tuesday already and no one has said....HEY! WHERES THE SPORTS UPDATE!!! so maybe its not as popular as i thought.
But here it is just the same for the one or two people that might be wondering
Taylor's softball team played against Round Valley in Round Valley last Thursday and they lost AGAIN 8-1 which may not sound good but the girls were so excited that they lost by a much smaller margin then usual! LOL Taylor actually got the bat on the ball....foul ball but just the same....she FINALLY hit it!!
Hayden's Football team played against Camp Verde on Friday and luckily he was feeling better and was able to play. We had a very poor first half only scoring 7 points but made up for it big time in the second half. Yellow Jackets win 35-7 Hopefully we can step it up now as conference games start this week and this is when it really counts and when it really gets harder!
Noah and Sawyer played on Saturday in the on again-off again rain against Snowflake. They did not have to play until 1:00 this week so we got to go and enjoy the fall festival parade before the game (which Austin was in with the high school marching band) The boys team won the game against Snowflake.... 33-12 (i think) and played great as usual!