Friday, September 12, 2008

Weekly sports update

Taylor's 8th grade softball team played Show Low on Tuesday. They lost 14-3..Taylor started in left field and played for half the game.
Hayden and the Yellow Jackets had a FANTASTIC game against Thatcher tonight and won 45-6. It was said that Thatcher was the #2 2A school in the state but they did not look so hot tonight. It seems like the Yellow Jackets are finally coming into their own. We are really starting to get it together. Hayden had a great game and had several tackles. Before tonight he was the number 3 leader in tackles with 14. And he is the only one who has been one of the 4 captains every week. (remember...moms like that! LOLOL)
Noah and Sawyers team beat Round Valley 33-6. Noah ran for (I think) one of those touchdowns and the extra points on another touchdown and Sawyer also ran it in for the extra points!


BrImHaLl FaMiLy! said...

Now those are some cute boys!!!!

Rebecca said...

Your blog is so creative. I love it.

Francie said...

thanks for your compliments becky and sandi! you guys are the greatest!!