Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Football Update

My little captains....

ok folks! I'm sorry for the delay in the football update. I asked Rich to do it on Saturday but it did not get done so i will give you the condensed, no frills version.....

Blue Ridge varsity won Friday night 23-7 against safford. Hayden did really well personally but the team was lacking....we have alot of work to do to be where we need to be when region play starts. Hopefully we will get there or it will be a lonnnnnng season. We are small and young. Hayden played both defence and offense and was in the game for the entire game which made him pretty sore by the next day LOL (he has not done that since he was a freshman) alot of the younger kids had to depend on him to tell them what to do and where to be. He is one of the captains of the team (moms like that LOL) he had alot of great tackles and one sack.

Noah and Sawyer had an awesome game Saturday morning against Show Low. They were both captains for their team (again...moms like that LOL) and they both played offense and defense and stayed in for most of the game until late when we needed to not run up the score. The final score was like 42-0 (or something close to that) Noah plays Quarter back and Sawyer plays running back...I'm not sure what their positions are on the other side of the ball....but I'm sure one of these weeks i will figure it out...LOL It is really fun to watch them...cuz they are so little!

Noah is #22 and Saywer is #80