Saturday, April 25, 2009


This is Hayden running the 4x800 at the track meet at Blue Ridge last Wednesday
His team took 2nd place....

Hayden Runs the 800 and the 4x800. The 800 is always AFTER the 4x800 and that effects his time on the 800 significantly. He is pretty spent after the 4x.
We have been anxious to see what he could do if he did not have to run the 4x first.
Yesterday he attended the track meet in Snowflake. There was no 4x...just the 800.
His best time so far in the 8 is 2:08. Yesterday he did it in 2:06. He took 2nd to Cody Wells (the man to beat who can probably run the 800 in less then 2:00) All the school in our region were there so I think we can safely say that Hayden is 2nd in the Region at this point in the 800. Which is pretty exciting.