Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween in Boston

After our meetings on Saturday (Halloween) Lynn and I went to a play that was just around the corner from our hotel (which was in the theater district) it is the longest running play and was very delightful. It was called Shear Madness...it was in a very small theater. There were probably about 25 people there in all on the night we went. It was a murder mystery that takes place in a beauty salon. The best thing about it was that it was interactive. About half way through the play the detectives called for a reenactment of the crime. At this point they asked the audience to let them know if they saw or heard anything in the reenactment that was not accurate. So we got to chime in and give additional information, which did not make the suspects too happy! LOL
After that they let us ask any questions we would like of the suspects
And then they took a vote from the audience of who we thought committed the murder.
Then, on with the play....they solved the mystery and then let us know at the end that based on the audiences vote is how the final scenes play out...so in other words, the ending can be different each night depending on who the audience votes for. Very very fun!

As we left the theater we saw a bare chested, Scotsman in a kilt getting out of a cab....and then we started to look around and noticed EVERYONE milling the streets was dressed up. OH YEAH! its Halloween. Let me just say Halloween in Boston was an interesting experience. If you did not know this, there are over 50 colleges and Universities in the Boston Area, Harvard, Yale, Boston College, Tuffs, MIT, Just to name a few...well these really intelligent students really know how to party. The streets were just FULLLLLLL of college kids in costume. And I might add that these were not cheep walmart costumes...they were full fledged, rental type costumes. The Rental stores must make a killing this time of year....

This was the street we came out of the play onto. The place was packed with kids trying to get into these two clubs there. This picture was alittle later after i went back to my room to get my camera. But earlier when we came through here it was wall to wall people. There were bouncers from the clubs trying to clear the streets so the cars could get through. I would estimate that there were at least 1000 people in this alleyway.
We Saw Telly Tubbbies....

This was outside our hotel...another group of kids trying to get into the club there.

Lynn and I ended up in our hotels piano Bar where we could watch out the window at the craziness outside while listening to drunk people sing. It was a very entertaining evening. At one point the guy at the piano said that all thats out there is whores and serial killers....and he basically nailed the attire of the night in that one line! LOL
It was a very interesting night indeed