Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Trip

Where to start? Well i will start with explaining where and why i went. With the exchange organization they offer trips for the exchange kids called "discovery tours" and my sister and I applied this year to be chaperons on one of the many trips they offer. We were chosen to chaperon the East coast city tour. So we were responsible for 50 kids with one other incredibly funny chaperon from Kentucky (and NOT Kentucky fried chicken!) so it was just the three of us and our tour director, Mike from Boston (great guy who turned me into a red socks fan, not sure how that happened other then just his dedication and devotion to his red socks somehow rubbed off on my) so we started by arriving Friday and planning and strategizing how we would run the week ahead. Saturday afternoon the kids started arriving...that was interesting in itself as we had kids coming into 4 different terminals (luckily there were 4 of us to man the terminals) we only had a few glitches but we ended up getting them all and we were on our way...first we toured Boston and then we went on to New York City and after that to Washington DC.....i will post pictures and tell you about some of our adventures...