Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Knight in shinning Armor

Well Hayden had to come up with an original idea for asking his girlfriend to Prom. So why not take advantage of that suit of armor that hangs in his room! so this is what he did. He put his armor on and in between 1st and 2nd hour he came out into the senior commons and stood on a riser and made a proclamation.....unfurling his document...this is what he said....

Hear ye, Hear ye

(very loudly and everyone stopped what they were doing)

On this the ninth day of the fourth month of the year two thousand and eight. let it be known that the presence of the fair maiden, Miss Jerica Flowers, is requested in attendance at the forever young ball to be held on the twenty sixth day of the fourth month of the year two thousand and eight. by none other then my shinny self, Sir Hayden Jones. And for those of you who don't get it.....Jerica, will you go to prom with me????

He did a great job and it was a big hit!

And a knight in shinning armor gets the girl every time!!


Brimhall Family said...

Sooo cute Hayden! What a romantic guy and so creative!

AuBreY LyNn said...

Hahaha that is AWESOME! He is brave too! That is super. Haha. Tell him good job! And yes, we need to get together and make a schedule on when we shall VT! I know what you mean with life being crazy! Our store is closing so I am losing my job, haha. Nice huh?

twins4us60 said...

that is so cool.

German Joe said...

dude...that is way cool and brave ;)
my brother just said to me that he would not have been able to manage to do that^^ neither would've I^^ so...since I know prom already, have fun kid ;)
and i hope to see you sometime again^^ workin on a visit ;)

Donna/Mom said...

Pretty impressive Hayden