Thursday, October 2, 2008

Birthday Boy!

I cant believe how time flies....he was just a sweet little baby, what seems like days ago. Now he is a sweet 20 year old young man! Austin has turned out to be such a fine, nice, caring, fun person with many thanks to give to all the people who have worked with him through the years. They taught him how to be polite and caring (maybe he learned alittle of that at home too)

Our little Buddha baby (i bet you'd never guess that he was a chunk once!!)

Austin and his best friend Josh sharing the podium after tying in the long jump in the special Olympics a few years ago.

here is a poem that Rich wrote for Austin that went in his senior yearbook in the dedications...maybe alittle dated but true just the same..even to this day, i think he is still Blue Ridges biggest fan!

Austin Jones

Thanks for the ride
At times we wanted to hide
From the crazy and weird things you did.
As you have your own style.
And the people that smile.
At our goofy, and tall skinny kid.

Dolphin tag what a game
Will Blue Ridge ever be the same?
And as the cheer “let’s go Austin” dies out
Not many will doubt
Of the difference you made.
On your way to 12th grade.

Not afraid to stand out
Or to get up and shout
Sometimes it was you and none else.
The courage it takes
To find new hands to shake
It’s a wonder how brave you can be.

What a journey it’s been
With one of BR’s biggest fans
And the joy and the fun we have had
So this we say now
That of you we are proud
And are glad that you are our son.

Mom and Dad


BrImHaLl FaMiLy! said...

Oh my heck! He couldn't be 20 already! Where does time go. Tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! From All those CRAZY BRIMHALL'S

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Austin. The Montoya family loves you. The poem was great!