Saturday, October 4, 2008

Weekly sports update

Taylor's Softball team WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO
They played Canyon day (whiteriver Jr) and beat them! they were soo excited to have a win that they could hardly contain their excitement! we are sooooo proud of them. Final score was 16-5 they did really really well.

The Varsity football team won Friday night against was homecoming and it was a good game. Alchesay has improved so much and they are big and strong...and we beat them 49-12. Hayden had a great game and was up to 30 tackles (still 3rd on the team) before this game. He is still one of the captains each week too (makes his momma happy! LOL) We Play Show Low next week..should be an exciting game.

Noah and Sawyer had a FANTASTIC game today...they beat Round Valley 13-6. Noah made both touch downs and Sawyer had his best game ever with several tackles in the back field. He was ON FIRE!!!!

Rich, Austin, Josh (Austins friend) and Taylor are off today to go to the UofA game. This was Austins birthday present and he was sooooo excited to go. I hope they have a great time!

The highlight of the week was Austins Birthday....there have been lots of festivities this week for homecoming and on Thursday there was so much going on that Austin never got home to celebrate his birthday until about 9pm. They had a big bonfire that night so Rich and I went to the store to get his birthday presents (No I'm not a procrastinator, I'm just REALLY busy!) So we are turning on to our street to come home and low and behold there is a fire truck parked in front of our house!!! can you say...FREAK OUT! Just when we pull up they put the lights on ....flashing.....crazy.....whats going on??? so we pull in the driveway and Austin hops out of the truck!!! THE FIREMEN (from our ward) GAVE HIM A RIDE HOME.....AFTER...he helped them put out the bonfire with the big hose!!!! LOL......ya gotta love that kid!!!!
Thanks to the firemen for making his day that much better! you guys are awesome!