Tuesday, March 18, 2008

San Antonio

I returned home on sunday evening from Texas...to a very well kept house! way to go Rich!! We had a good meeting and a good time in San Antonio. I got to spend time with my mom and my sister and with alot of friends that i enjoy spending time with. Our meetings went well (this was an EF trip) and i learned alot. I never realized what a cool place San Antonio is...i was really not at all excited to go to texas but once we got there we found it to be very beautiful. In San Antonio, they have what they call "The Riverwalk"... basically it is a canal that runs through the heart of downtown. On the riverwalk they have a TON of resteraunts all facing the river. Most with outdoor seating. It really is just beautiful. They have river taxis that take you from place to place. We spent all our extra time on the Riverwalk. We also got to have a special treat in as it was St. Patricks day weekend and this meant there were many bagpipers and Irish bands in and around The Riverwalk. They even had a parade on a boat where the band/bagpipers would go down the river on a boat, past all that would stop to watch them. The other cool thing they do for St. Patties day is that they turn the river green!!! yep!! green!! When we arrived on friday it was just a normal mucky color but by the end of the weekend it was VERY green!