Saturday, March 1, 2008


well i have not posted in awhile 1. because there was not anything new and 2.(the main reason) was because i loved going to the blog and seeing the rainbow picture and hearing the rainbow song! oh well i think its time to move on.....speaking of moving on, Brittnee has decided its time to move on. she left her job of just over a year at Hidden Meadow Ranch in Greer and is moving today to Sierra Vista. She is on the road as i type, car loaded down with all that she owns(and alittle of what we own) and Rich is pulling the horse trailer with her prize possession... "Dallas". She has plans to work at a Boys ranch with their horse program but she has one more interview to insure the job. lets keep our fingers crossed, otherwise she will be working anywhere she can find a job. She has some temporary housing with hopes of getting into a different place once she gets a job.
hummmm this is the interesting part of being a parent. The part where your kids grow up and make their own plans and have their own ideas and weather you agree or not you have to step back and let them do what they will. Having her move ALL of her stuff from our house, me turning her birth certificate over to her (this was especially hard for some weird reason). And just basically letting go....I told her when she left today that i felt like i was loosing her and i just wanted my little girl back. Don't think that went over well LOL. Its not that we were seeing her often when she lived in Greer but this is just so far away that i feel like we will just never see her now. babbling now so i will finish this up by saying this....

Letting go is the hardest part of being a parent!


Brimhall Family said...

I cried through half your post. I'm such a baby! This is something I am not looking forward to.

Aubrey Lynn said...

Her hair looks so beautiful in that picture! Like little mermaid hair! I have such a LONG time to not worry about letting go like you are! I am not even married! haha.