Wednesday, March 12, 2008

expensive boys

The "babies" birthday is coming up quick and I decided I cant afford to have 8 year old twins!!
I made a trip over to the book store to get their scouting uniforms since their first pack meeting/pinewood derby is the same night as their birthday. And.....Ghezzz Louise...2 scout shirts, patches for both, 2 scout book, 2 neckerchiefs, and 2 slides for the neckerchiefs....$98!!!!! And I still have to get them scriptures, $64 each without cases to put them in....and ghezzz maybe something FUN for their birthdays!! ...oh and I need to get them some new Sunday clothes for their baptism.... these two are going to break the bank and they are only 8 !!!!!


Skousen Seven said...

I thought it was bad enough with one!! Well at least you can put them through scouts together and pass everything off at the same time!!