Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring break

Spring break is upon us and its pretty uneventful so far. We did not go out of town like 90% of the community did. We caught alot of flak from the kids for not planning to go somewhere but honestly it just pretty much slipped my mind to plan something because in the past we have never been able to go anywhere because Hayden was playing baseball and its pretty much "against the law" to leave town if your playing baseball. So it just has never been in my mindset to plan a vacation during spring break...oh well....maybe next year. So Rich has been working and the kids have been playing...friends over everyday, sleepovers etc...trying to make it somewhat fun! Hayden has been working hard doing yard work to pay off his parents for the snowboard "he" bought in October as well as his traffic school costs for his speeding ticket. His good good friend Dolan has been here visiting from Utah and they have been hanging out 24/7 for the most part. He is going on a fishing trip tomorrow with a few of his buddies and is excited about that and he had a big bon fire here tonight with about 20 kids (so i guess not everyone left town) that was a good activity that we will be happy to host again in the future. Austin has been working each day at the theater. Taylor has been hanging out with Dolans little sister. Noah and Sawyer have been hanging out with anyone that is around to hang out with and Quade is pretty board. He loves school and pretty much does not like a change in his routine. He has been listening to his music player pretty much none stop but that's really about it. Its finally warm enough for everyone to play outside and stay out at night jumping on the tramp. In fact, Taylor, Noah and Sawyer have slept outside in the tent or on the tramp every night for the last 4 nights. Ahhhhhhhh it looks like spring is finally here. I am leaving Thursday to chaperon an "EF discovery tour" trip with my sister Lynn. We will be gone for 9 days in chilly Boston, Manhattan and Washington DC. We are really looking forward to that so i have just spent most of my time this week trying to keep the house clean (that's a joke) and trying to keep up with the laundry so that i can leave the house and kids in the trusted hands of my hubby! He is the greatest for letting me go and I love him for letting me do this! thanks Rich, Your the BEST! I will be back after the 6th with more pictures im sure.