Friday, March 7, 2008

Good News!

Brittnee got the Job at the boys ranch, she starts today and will shadow for a few weeks to be sure she knows all the ins and out and to make sure she is cut out for working with the boys. They let her know that this is much different then the kids shes used to working with as those kids usually WANT to be where they are, doing what they are doing...which is not the case for these boys so we will see how it goes. I think she is excited for and up to the challenge! ...Also Rich came back from taking her to her new home with a glowing report of the place she is living and the people she has met. So moms mind is put at ease for now...whewwww


Skousen Seven said...

Glad things are going good for your family! You have been tagged, by me, so go to my blog and see what to do.