Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Boys and Girls...let this be a lesson to you
Rugby is not a safe sport!!!
Hayden gave us a call last night while we were at a Host family get together in Pinetop and he sounded alittle confused...asking me questions that he should have known the answers too.
then he told me that he thought he had a concussion.
you see..he went to the park last night to play Rugby with some of the former football players.
and he hit the ground hard and got his bell rung!
he was not making alot of sense so i asked to speak to one of the other guys and he confirmed
that it appeared that hayden had a concussion. He could not remember how he got to the park. he thought we were was I took him in just to be safe and within minutes they had him on the backboard. He was NOT a happy camper!! lol
so he was on the board for about 3 hours before they finally cleared him to be taken off.
The doc said he did have a concussion and to take it easy for about 24 hours.
I have a feeling we will be in and out many more times before they all leave home.
Thank heavens it wasn't the motorcycle!
......i was just thinking
when you become a blogger you take pictures of the weirdest things.....


BrImHaLl FaMiLy said...

Those boys are going to be the death of us!!

tiffany said...

Thank heavens he is okay.

Gayle's Tales said...

I am so glad he is ok.... that is scarry.

Donna/Mom said...

Glad to hear he is ok. He was here last night talking bikes to doug and my 1st thought was, the motorcycle, but its not running. Whew! Sounds like my sisters house with all the boys.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I hope he gets better!
And I totally agree with the taking pictures of the oddest things when you become a blogger.