Friday, July 25, 2008

Funny Stuff

Several years ago, on a bitter cold, snowy morning (no this is not a bedtime story) Hayden and his friend Ethan had a snow they decided to go out and shovel some drive ways to make some money. They went to a neighborhood over in Show Low and shoveled this one older ladies drive way..after they were done she invited them in and fed them...they thought it was strange that she had pictures of David spade in her house so they inquired and she told them he was her they got a big kick out of the fact that they met David Spade's mom. Cut to today....apparently David was In town visiting his dear ol mom a few weeks ago. And shortly after his return to Hollywood he was on the Jay Leno show...where he told about his adventures visiting his mom in Show Low Arizona...
Watch the clip..its pretty funny....

(click here to watch the video, then click on the July 17th episode)
When it cues up after the commercial, you can go directly to chapter 3 (where David comes in)