Thursday, July 31, 2008

On the move.

Well Brittnee is loaded up and on the move today. Wishing her safety long the way and that she will have no problems with her truck pulling that big load. Hopefully she will have Internet at her new place and will be able to update her blog soon and let everyone know whats going on with her.
Oh the worries of a parent with "adult" children!


Rebecca said...

Taylor was a blast at Girls Camp! She is great. One year, you will have to forego the tropical getaways in exchange for a week of camping, mud, and teenage girls.

Francie said...

im thinking about it..maybe next year. i always feel like im missing out. she said she had a blast! shes such a fun kid!!
that is typically the week my exchange kids come in so ...not a trip just getting kids situated.
not to mention another week off for Rich as that is when hayden is at california camp. but he wont be there next year...but then again he will hopefully be on a mission and still wont be aval. to watch kids LOL