Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I know..and i certainly understand how some people hate this day(Wendy) but i not like them! LOL School started today and I'm jumpin for joy! I love my kids dearly but i have alot of boys with alot of testosterone and after 11 weeks i just have to say that school is my happy place!

All the school times have changed and so now Quade is the first one to leave in the morning when he used to be the last one to leave. He got up this morning and ran around the house saying..."SCOOO, SCOOOO, SCOOOOO" So i guess he is as happy about school starting as i am. He just does not have enough structure in the summer time and he REALLLLLLLLLLY needs it. He and Taylor are starting the year at the brand new school so that is pretty exciting. Hayden was the last to have to leave this morning when he used to have to be the that makes him extremely happy too!

My plan was to start the new twilight book today...but the hours are ticking by and i don't see it happening today...kinda like when Noah and Sawyer first started school. My plan that day was to take a really long took about 3 months before i got that nap! LOL...hopefully it wont take me 3 months to get to the book. But i cant read when the house is thrashed! So first things first

Other things that have happened in the last week.... Taylor went to and came home from girls camp...hopefully I will have some of her pictures to post soon. She had a blast and said it was the best girls camp ever. She loved how well she and all the other girls in our ward get along and never flight or bicker....She is growing up so fast i can hardly stand it!

Austin went to a day of band camp and is planning to help out with the band this year as he will be a "super senior" again and is so excited to see all his friends at school.

Hayden had a great time at California camp and I overheard someone say yesterday that he "owned" cali camp...He really is a great leader and Im very proud of him for that....I hope they can do great things this year. Tune in, in a few weeks for the weekly football updates. We have a scrimmage in two weeks and then play Safford on the 29th to start the season. He is DYING to get those pads on and start hitting people!

Noah and Sawyer started playing football in the youth league last week. They are absolutely loving it! i will post some pictures here of their practice. They are both really tuff!

Rich has been working ALOT and has been out of town alot...but luckily they are mostly just day trips now so he is gone on the road just during the day and home by dinner time! After work he has been helping coach the little kids football league. We will see if that lasts as he and Quade are missing out on watching the big boys practices like they did last year. This is something that They both look forward to every day and since its Haydens last year playing I see this activity winning out to the coaching. After coaching little leauge he is alittle burned out although it was alot of fun. But next year i think he will be more then willing and happy to coach the little boys football if they need him. Once he does not have High school football on the brain.

I have been working hard getting all the exchange kids settled and ready to go. we had a nightmarish week last week with the flights .....of my 10 kids....only a very few made it where they were suppose to be on time. Some did not even get here for several days after they were suppose to arrive. I have decided that I officially despise the airlines....But they are all here now, They all seem like AWESOME kids and I'm looking forward to getting to know them better.

OK...that's it for now.

Equipment check

Sawyer getting his "coolness" on

Noah Carrying the ball

Noah and Sawyer making the tackle



Vandee said...

Love the pictures and the updates. I can't wait to read the new book too, but alas I haven't even bought it yet. I may have to beg to borrow yours. :) The family sounds like they are all doing well. Hopefully we will catch you at some football. I will be a radio fan this year. :)

Brimhall Family said...

Oh my gosh they look so cute! So tiny!

Anonymous said...

cool pics :D:D:D looks like the small children over here playing soccer with the ball being half their size :D:D:D in this case it's the helmet :D:D:D way cool...guess Noah and Sawyer abandoned soccer huh?
My brother, mom and me were laughing so hard looking at the photos :D:D:D
greetings to everyone from Germany ;)
JoeMama :P