Monday, August 18, 2008

Guess whos?

Playing softball?
Taylor made the 8th grade girls softball team.....go figure! (grandpa)LOL
apparently her Friends have more of an influence on her then her parents and grandparents...not a good thing? but in this case it IS a good thing...
she is happy to be playing and has not complained one minute! maybe alittle maturity has something to do with it too?
oh well....either way, were glad she is playing!
here is her schedule

8-27 Rim Country at home
9-4 Winslow at Winslow
9-11 Bye
9-18 Snowflake at home
9-25 RoundValley at Round Valley
10-2 Canyon Day at Home
10-7 Show Low at Show Low

9-20 Tournament at Blue Ridge
10-9 Tournament ??
11-11 Tournament at Snowflake



Wendy said...

WOO HOO! Go Taylor, Go Taylor, Go Taylor!!!