Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pictures, pictures, pictures....

We went and had professional family pictures taken yesterday...they turned out GREAT! they will be ready in a few weeks and then i will post one...maybe....i might leave it for a surprise for Christmas (cards)
But while we were doing that i decided it was time to update the kids pictures too. The ones i have on the wall right now are about 3 or 4 years old. And although some of the kids have not changed much..some of the others have changed drastically. So being the cheap skate that i am i just took them out and took the pictures myself as i always do. I took over 400 pictures and i could not narrow it down to just a few. SO i posted a bunch LOL...hope you love them as much as i do!

*Disclaimer....i am not, nor have i ever professed to be a professional photographer. I do not have fancy equipment (although i would love to, and i do thank Wendy for letting me barrow her WAY better then mine, camera) and i don't have any awesome programs for the computer to make the most of the pictures...I take pictures of my kids myself, strickly because we each have our own style of what we like...this is what i like. Could they be better? for sure! with some lighting equipment and some photo programs im sure they could be better. But this is my style and what i have to work with and i love them..... so please don't judge my abilities.

dont forget you can click on the pictures and get a full screen view if you want to


Skousen Seven said...

The pictures came out awesome!! You say you're not a professional, but the kids pictures could go up against one anytime!! Taylor, you are so cute!!