Thursday, August 21, 2008

Boat Races

Hayden had to build a boat for his physics class. They had the option of working in teams of two or on their own. Hayden and Garrett Horne built their boat together. Then all the kids had to race their boats at rainbow lake. Rich and I went to watch it was alot of fun and soooo funny!They had two pylons out in the water and they had to race around those and see how many laps they could do. They scored points (grades) on how long their boat stayed afloat and how many laps they made. Hayden and Garretts boat stayed up for just over 45 minutes (2nd place) and they made 20 laps (1st place). Some of the boats sunk as soon as they went in the water but most stayed up for around 30 minutes or so.

this was funny...these two guys made a redneck boat! it was hilarious.... it had camo paint, They were wearing camo clothes and they had some kind of "horns" on the front and had built in drink holders! sadly their boat did not stay up very long.

Sinking ships! right and left
The captins going down with the ship!Hayden taking over the #1 boat!
that was one sterdy boat!
the dedicated boaters who stuck around till the finish!
i tried to upload video clips but its not working...i will try again later


BrImHaLl FaMiLy! said...

You guys are such good parents to go and support your son. Tell Hayden to put his shirt back on and stop showing off those mussels!! How are we supposed to keep fighting off the girls if he looks like that?