Tuesday, July 29, 2008

got a call..

They were at Huntington Beach and the epicenter was in Chino Hills(about 25 miles)

Hayden called...they were on the beach and he said all of a sudden he felt really dizzy (dahh the ground was swaying LOL) and almost felt like he was going to pass out until he realized what was going on...and then Coach Thompson said.."look that wall is moving" then he realized they were in an earthquake. They are all fine..it was just really weird he said. He was shocked that it was all over the news and that it was as big as it was. Said it made him feel special! LOL
Glad they are all right, hope the rest of the population fares the same.


Vandee said...

Called my parents to ask if they have heard from my brother Tyler who is also at football camp in CA. My dad said he called, but didn't say anything about the earthquake. SO I am glad he is okay too. Glad Hayden called you!