Sunday, July 6, 2008

and then....

oooooo ahhhhhhhhh
Shaylar, Easton and Austin
Who's who? your guess is as good as mine! LOL
Sawyer checkin out the action in his cool 3D glasses

After the Parade we had a "big" BBQ at our house....did not have alot of people come but it was fun anyways (thanks Hunts and Brimhalls for showing up) I dont have any of pictures from this but you can check the Brimhalls blog...they might have some to post.

After that we got ready for the FIREWORKS!!! oh boy was this Quade's greatest day ever!

Quade has been saying "fireworks" for about two weeks now...and we always say..."Friday" so then he started saying "Friday" (actually, the first time he GOT IT and said....FIREWORKS-FRIDAY was in the middle of sacrament meeting LOL its hard to be happy about something when we are supposed to be quiet...) so when he woke up on the 4th i said to him..."what day is it Quade" and he just sorta looked at me funny....and i said...

'ITS FRIDAY" and then he said...."FIREWORKS!!!" yeah!!!!

So we set off for the fireworks....we have been going to the same spot for the fireworks every year and this was no exception...we always meet a large group of friends there and sit together and that group seems to be growing bigger each year....this year it was Us and our kids and their friends, The Hoyes and Their extended family and friends, the Watsons, and the Hatches and their extended family. It was a long fireworks show...about 45 minutes which was really fun!

On Saturday night, Brittnee and James took Taylor and Noah over to the Snowflake Rodeo, fireworks and dance..they really enjoyed that alot..I'm sure Brittnee will post more about that on her blog.


Richard & DeEdra said...

Sounds like you had a fun 4th. We were looking for some fireworks but didn't think there were any because of the fire danger. Wish we would have known. Next year.