Sunday, July 6, 2008

Where to start...

OH MY what a crazy busy weekend we all started on Thursday the 3rd around 2pm when i received a call from Debbie (Hentges-Hunt) who called to ask if Rich could come over and meet them at the hospital to give Kyle a blessing. As the story goes (Debbies version only because Kyle is sticking to the story that Debbie hit him over the head with a frying pan LOL) Kyle was out working with the horses this morning at the house in Heber and he apparently made their Mare alittle anxious when he was trimming her hooves...and she kicked him in the head! She got him once in the front over his eye (HUGE gaping wound) on the way up and again in the back of the head and on his shoulder when she was coming down. Needless to say he finished what he was doing (Dummy! but....he had to "teach that horse a lesson") before he came in to get cleaned up...i don't think he realized just how hurt he really was until he got in the truck and looked in the mirror and THOUGHT he lost his eye! which luckily he did not.....but it looked like he had a third eye just the same...i have some wonderful shots of the wound (for the boys to ooooo and ahhhhhh over his 22 stitches) but I'm using my better judgement and am not posting them...instead I'm just posting the "after" shot!.....anyhooo....i had a good afternoon visiting with Kyle and Debbie in the emergency room ....gave us some time to get caught up...thanks Kyle!! LOL
on a side note.....HE IS ONE LUCKY BOY!