Sunday, June 15, 2008

What Im reading...

well i did not think i would like them because I'm not a sci fi reader....but finally Sandi and Brittnee convinced me to read this series and i must say i am HOOKED! The love story far out weighs the sci fi part! LOL.....these are the best books..i just love them.
This is the "twilight series" and I'm already on book 3.. the books average about 500 pages and after only 2 weeks i am half way into book three and book 4 comes out at the beginning of august! cant wait!! and on top of that im anxiously awaiting the movie based on the first book that will be out in december!
here is a link to the Authors website


Vandee said...

They are great books. Try her new book Host also! It is really good too! Take care!

Anonymous said...

I TOLD YOU, I TOLD YOU, I TOLD YOU!!!! i knew you would love them!!!! haha THEY ARE THE BEST!!!
Madison Shea