Thursday, January 8, 2009

14 Things I love about Quade

1. He is just plain AWESOME
2. He gives the BEST hugs
3. He is Handsome
4. He is strong (although this can be a hindrance as well LOL)
5. He is ALWAYS happy
6. He is compassionate
7. He loves BR FOOTBALL (just like me)
8. He has a good sense of humor
9. He Loves music (His Christmas iPod is his best friend)
10. He is a blessing and helps us keep things in perspective
11. He has unconditional love for everyone
12. He has a great memory
13. He brings alot of laughs and smiles to our family
14. He reminds us to keep life simple


BrImHaLl FaMiLy said...

Happy birthday Mr. Quade!