Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Foot Surgery..

I'm going under the Knife on Thursday......
Its time to fix this problem my feet have
This is what the problem is...
"Flat feet is a condition that affects the quality of life of millions of people of all ages. It is medically known as hyperpronation and it occurs when the space between the ankle and heel bones collapses, causing the foot - and the entire body - to shift out of balance. Aside from complications in the foot itself, flat feet patients will experience problems with knee pain, hip pain, back pain, neck pain, and even complications in the shoulders and beyond. This is because when our feet are out of balance, the rest of the body suffers great damage compensating."
My feet have been getting worse and worse...
I have had constant pain in my left foot for more then a year.
I went to the doctor to see what could be done and he said my feet
(both of them) are actually really advanced in the Hyperpronation.
On a scale of 1-4 in severity, mine are a high 3.
So its time to fix them before they get to a 4 because that would mean its too late to fix them and i would have to live with it.
Here is a website that describes what I'm having done
Basically it calls for putting a stint in between my ankle and my heel to put my foot back in the correct position.
When they go in they will asses how bad it really is...if they can do the "quick fix" described in the link, then I will only have to be off my foot for 2 weeks(completely, NO weight on it AT ALL)
but if they get in there and find its worse then what the Xrays show then I will have to be off my feet for 4 weeks. So I'm praying for the quick fix because i think my family would DIE if i were off my feet for 4 weeks! and then.....after the healing time is up I have to have the other foot done!
The Doc tells me that i will notice a dramatic difference once it is fixed and it will pretty much feel like they took my foot off and put a new one on...all the muscles, bones and tendons will have to readjust and get used to their new home and it will feel foreign to me for awhile.
Its gonna be a LONG....SLOW.....FALL


Jeremiah and Heidi said...

Good luck on your surgery! Hopefully it will work and you will have a speedy recovery.

Tiffany said...

I hope everything goes okay. I didn't know your foot had been hurting you for a year! Good luck.