Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July.....

The 4th of July is my favorite Holiday....
I love having all my kids home...
not to mention the warmth and sunshine!!!
this year Brittnee, James and Brynlee were not able to make it
it just was not the same
but we had fun anyways....
we ALWAYS go to the parade
This year we left Taylor and Natalie to save our place
if you ever go to the Show Low Parade you will know why
its important to get their early and have someone save your place
they were suppose to set us up in the wet zone but
i think they chickened out because they got us about
50 feet from the wet zone but not IN it.....
we had a good time teasing them about that.
Meghan and Hayden
Our group....
Noah on the curb
from left to right
Natalie, Sawyer, Meghan, Hayden, Quade and Rich
standing behind
Taylor and her friend Colton
Austin was down the road in the wet zone
as you can see...even in the dry zone not everyone stayed dry....
Taylor ended up taking a bath...right there on the sidewalk
Quade making the move on Hayden's girlfriend.....
love this picture!!! LOL
yes...even the dogs got to go. I don't have a picture of pepper
but here is a picture of Hayden's new puppy Railey...
now that Brittnee has snuck a peek from a facebook photo that was inadvertently posted.
We can now share him with the world..
speaking of sharing...
if anyone wants this dog please let me know because I'm about ready
to kick him out of the family
he is mischievous and has eaten half the corn plants in the garden!
look at those big puppy dog can you resist???


Anonymous said...

since you're talking about MY facebook photo, i should say I uploaded it BEFORE i took a look at your blog^^