Friday, October 29, 2010

Fort Lauderdale....

That is where we went....and it was alot of fun. We went for an EF Regional Coordinator meeting and got to spend alot of fun time with alot of fun people. Stayed in an awesome hotel with an awesome view (as you can see from my last post) We spent alot of time in meetings but did get to go do a fun air boat tour to see some alligators in the wild.

FT. Lauderdale has some amazingly HUGE Yachts
There was a huge boat show the next weekend after we were there
so there were awesome boats docked all around our hotel

This one had a helicopter, jet skis and a power boat

This one and the one below they say are owed by the wealthiest man in the world
they say he is in telecommunications in Mexico among other things (wink wink)

He also owns this boat and another that was docked near by
they were working hard to clean and prepare each boat for the boat show
every boat had a full staff on board...
crazy stuff!