Friday, December 10, 2010

The Big news.....

Here it is...
what you all have been waiting for
Last summer Austin got it in his head
that he wanted to do a ride along with the fire dept.
He must have talked to someone somewhere along the line and he was granted permission.
He went on his first ride along
at the beginning of August.
And he just keeps going back
and they let him come whenever he wants.
Funny thing is....
he never really got to ride along
because whenever he went it seemed
they never got any calls
this went on for awhile.....
well a few weeks ago
he went to the fire station after school
to do another ride along
within minutes after he got there t
hey got a call for a
and it was a pretty big Fire (at least for around here)
Austin got to go along
but he had to stay in the truck...
Last week I got a call from Captain Ross
He called to tell us that they had discussed it
with the fire board and the Chief,
and they really felt like Austin had
alot to offer the fire dept.
And they wanted him to be able
to do alot more then just sit in the truck.
 They decided they would like to make Austin
an Honorary Fire Cadet!!!
We kept it a secret so Austin would be surprised
tonight was the big night!
He was presented with his own Helmet
and gloves
and will be receiving his other gear
(shirts, pants, boots etc)
He will go to the fire station and work (volunteer)
on shifts now
and will have responsibilities
to do both in the station
as well as when they are on calls
he is sure super excited
and we are very very proud


Skousen Seven said...

Way to go Austin!!!! The Lakeside Fire Department is the BEST!!

Our Happy Family said...

That is SUPER awsome austin! We love you bunches and are so very proud!

BrImHaLl FaMiLy said...

Awesome awesome! I admit made me cry a little! I'm so proud of U Austin!!