Wednesday, September 14, 2011


So Taylor had chosen to forgo Soccer this year and do 4H with the horses
she has been working really hard to prepare for the final event of the year.
This last Saturday was the first half of the event.
Brittnee came out to help out as we had A LOT going on that day.
This first day she used Dallas for all of her classes
Horse people are up at the crack of dawn.
Maybe this is why I'm not a horse person?

                           Attempting to keep him Clean after his bath the day before
 Lots of preparation to get everything just right

 She competed in Showmanship and Bareback
 Pleasure, horsemanship, western riding, trail riding and Reining.

 Brynlee loves the horses soooo much!
here she is on Jett
 Taylor's friend Colten came out to support her too
Brynlee really likes him LOL
 And then it started to rain....HARD....and hail.....and they called it for the day
she will go back today to finish up her events with Dallas
and then she will do barrels and poll bending with Jett
overall she did pretty good so far for her first attempt at 4H
We are very proud of you Taylor
and all you have accomplished!