Sunday, October 30, 2011

Here is the answer to the Riddle....

Quade is obsessed with Blue Man Group....
a few years ago there was a special on TV showing one of their performances
Quade loved it so much that we taped it and he has been watching it
at least once or twice a week since then.
So Brittnee called me up one day to let me know they were coming to Albuquerque.
She wanted to buy tickets for she and James to take Rich and Quade
so they did...
So Rich took Quade with him this weekend to take Brittnee's Horse to her
after dropping off the horse they got ready and went to the performance
Quade had no idea what was about to happen!
This was a surprise of a life time for him
he was so happy and has had a grin on his face ever since
he is carrying around the pictures and I have a feeling this is something
we will hear about for a long time to come!
good call Britt!!!