Friday, March 18, 2016

Life has sure changed since the last post I made nearly two years ago....
Long story short.... 
We have moved to Utah to own and operate a Sears Hometown store. It has been a fun adventure but we sure do miss seeing our older kids on a regular basis. But they have all come to visit and we have enjoyed that more then you can imagine. Rich is really loving the slower paced life and being his own boss. It has relieved a lot of stress. With our move, I was unable to continue doing what I was doing with the Exchange students so this change was a big adjustment for me with a lot more time on my hands. But its been a good thing!

Here is an update on the family....
Brittnee and James gave us a sweet little Grand son in September

James deployed recently, so this will be a hard year for their little family. 
Austin is doing very well on his mission and will be home at the end of October

Hayden and Charlotte are giving us a brand new Grand Daughter in August. We could not be more thrilled!

 Quade had adjusted well to his new surroundings. He continues to love life to the fullest... his obsession these days is Garth Brooks.
He got to attend his concert a few months ago and was in heaven!!! Now he thinks hes a Cowboy....

Taylor and Colten are just enjoying spending time together and as much of it as possible in the great outdoors.

Noah and Sawyer are about to turn 16! This has been an exciting year for them. We have spent many hours teaching them to drive, going to high school football games and now going to high school baseball games. Its bitter sweet to have our last two in high school but we will enjoy every minute of this fun little, final ride!

so.....that's what you've missed!