Saturday, January 12, 2008

Birthday slide show

SO now they are 13 which makes me REALLY old...although luckily we had bonus babies that are keeping us young!
We had a great time together for their birthday, we had our typically family party with dinner, cake, presents and of course....SILLY STRING! Quade used to be deathly afraid of the stuff and would run in his room and hide (we had to discontinue the practice for a few years after that) but not this year...this year he asked for it!!!
He surprised and impressed us in the morning when he woke up and we asked him what day it was and he said....BIRTHDAY!!!!
Taylor enjoyed her day as well with a special out to lunch date with her dad!
all she wanted for her birthday was a maybe someday you will see me posting about the next big star!!!


AuBreY LyNn said...

Hey Jones Family! I am glad to see you have a blog!!! That is exciting! I have one as well, and so does my family. So you should check it out! You have such a sweet family!