Wednesday, May 21, 2008

End of the school year...

Well school is winding down for this year....we have been extremely busy trying to keep up with all the end of year activities. Last Saturday we had our closing orientation with our exchange kids and that was alot of fun..its always sad when they go but its fun looking forward to a new chapter in their lives and a new one in ours with the new kids that will be coming in about 8 weeks or so.
Noah and Sawyer are playing baseball and Rich is their coach this season..they have improved so much in just the last year or so and can really hit the ball and seem to really have their heads in the game. Rich is a great coach and he is really enjoying doing that.
Quade has had a bunch of fun field trips and is really doing well in school and he and his aid are looking forward to being at the brand new school next year...they have a great new director/teacher and a great new classroom where they can do more hands on life skills kinds of things.
Taylor is just growing up so fast that its frightening! LOL but she has turned into the best babysitter and helper a mom could ask for...her temperament has changed and she is more "likable" LOL which is kind of weird because i always thought they got worse when they were teenagers not better....but boy am i NOT complaining!!!
Austin "graduated" again yesterday from his super seniors group at school. He walked in the graduation ceremony last year with the class that he grew up with but he did not receive his diploma. He will continue on in the high school through his 22nd year unless plans change somewhere along the way depending on his interests. But at the end of every year they have a ceremony for just the kids in his special class so they get to wear their cap and gown and its a very nice ceremony. He will receive his diploma when he is all finished up at the high school..but more importantly (to him) he was told in the ceremony that he will receive a life time athletic pass to all the athletic events at the school for the rest of his life because he is one of the best fans in history!
Hayden had his closing banquet for track last was very nice and we had a nice dinner and they had a video presentation and awards. He received an award for most improved in the field events and now has another shinny plaque to hang on the wall...He working at papa johns delivering pizza. And he is getting ready for a busy summer with football camps.
and last but not least...Brittnee....(she has her own blog now so you can check that out if you would like) she is doing fantastic and is absolutely loving her new job. She loves working with the boys and the horses and says she is learning more then she has at any other job. She loves the people she works with and is making alot of new friends. She has found herself a "new man" and she seems to be head over heels for him. We have spent some fun time getting to know him through emails...luckily he has a good sense of humor to put up with all the crazy questions we have been asking him..and if all goes as planned we will meet him over the 4th of July weekend. that is the latest update from the Jones'