Friday, May 23, 2008


We received about 2 inches of very very heavy snow tonight! just unreal! We lost power for several hours too due to the heavy snow on the power lines...just a few days ago it was 85 here and 110 in the valley and today it snows! its suppose to snow more tomorrow and tomorrow night! I'm still just in shock...graduation had to be moved inside tonight obviously...but not because of rain! they are predicting 12-18 inches above 8000 feet...we are at about 7000 feet.
Even though graduation was tonight...all the kids (except the seniors) have to go to school tomorrow to make up for an extra snow day we had to use earlier in the year. We were joking with Taylor tonight telling her that if they have a snow day tomorrow they will have to go back to school on Tuesday! she was NOT happy! unless we get alot more tonight i don't think that would happen..but it would sure be interesting!