Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quick update..

Well here is a quick update...first of all my computer is down and in the shop so i cant post pictures right now but will as soon as i get it back. We had a great time on our cruise. It was fun to be together and to have alittle break and everyone at home survived wonderfully too which is much to say to their credit because it was a very very busy week but they all did great! I will tell alittle more about what we did on the cruise when i can post the pictures.
Now on to the next thing in our life...Taylor is leaving to go spend a week with her cousin Natalie and her family and then another week with her granny so she will be busy for the next few weeks and Hayden leaves tomorrow for football camp at BYU which he has been to before (this will be his third year) and he will be there for a week and is very much looking forward to it and looking forward to football starting. We usually take him to Utah and spend the week there visiting with family while he is at camp but this year it did not work out because Rich is out of vacation days. So Hayden will be flying and will be spending some time with his friend Dolan and with his cousin Cory and then a few days with his Aunt Gerri and Uncle Rich so he is looking forward to doing this on his own. He is growing up much to his mothers dismay!