Thursday, February 12, 2009

Austin's award...

ok here is the scoop...
yesterday i received a call from Austin's teacher. She had submitted a letter a while back to nominate Austin for his accomplishments with the Council for Exceptional Children. Every year they award 8 students from all of the state of Arizona for their accomplishments...this is what AZCEC was looking for......

Do you know that special student who excels despite their disability?
AZCEC wants to recognize those students who exhibit the "I CAN DO IT!" attitude by doing their best in academics, art, athletics, community service, employment, self-advocacy, technology or independent life skills.

sooooo Austin' teacher received this letter yesterday....


Dear nominating teachers,

Thank you all so very much for your dedication to recognizing students with special needs and their successes during this school year. We had an unbelievable amount of nominations this year making it extremely difficult to narrow down our award recipients to keep within the designated maximum of 8. (I believe I went over by 1…..and really can’t go above that number due to the very tight time constraints of the luncheon.). Again, I appreciate your nominations and encourage you to hang on to them and resubmit next year if your student was not selected this year.

Decisions were based primarily on the accomplishments of the students, rather than the severity of the disability. The award is given for persistence and going above and beyond to be successful despite the disability, whatever that may be. Please understand that all of the nominations were well founded and all of the students worthy of recognition, but we are limited in how many we can select.

Attached is the list of those students that have been selected for this years’ I Can Do It’ Awards.

Thank you for your time and energy!! Hope you are planning to attend the 2009 CEC Law Conference on March 6th, whether your student was selected or not! (Registration form also attached.)


Dianne Grayson

Dianne Grayson

2009 Award Recipients

Nathan Beardsley Centennial High 12th grade
Nicholas Garcia Cactus Middle School 8th grade
Joshua Morris Frontier Elementary 7th grade
Denny Allen Trevor Browne High 11th grade
Lacey White Thunder Mtn. Middle 6th grade
Bertha Andrade Chandler High 12th grade
Jacob Arvizo Willis Junior High 8th grade
Austin Jones Blue Ridge High 12th grade
Alex Imafidon Chaparral High HS - grade?

sooooo we will attend an awards luncheon with Austin on March 6th
We are so proud of Austin! They will also be coming out to take his picture for the paper. He is pretty excited about that.

Here is the letter that was submitted on his behalf

Austin Jones is a student in our Resource Set Contained (RSC) program at Blue Ridge High School. He has unduplicated self-assurance, character and genuine regard for others which defines his "I can do it" attitude. He has given Blue Ridge Unified School District he idea of community. He does not separate himself or others, or others from himself. Austin has established friendships with his peers in and outside of the special education programs. He walks our hallways with sincere greetings; boisterous teases and is aware of those who need assistance. He sees what he likes and looks for those who can help him get it, and always makes sure his friends can have it too. Austin knows nearly all of the students and staff by name. He has clearly demonstrated self confidants and releases all his inhibitions toward new and unfamiliar things.
In one instance Austin greatly wanted to be a member of the high school marching band. He took charge. He inquired and discussed how to achieve this with the band director, his parents and myself on how to make this happen. The team successfully made arrangements for Austin to join the band the upcoming fall. However, the band director moved. Although we reassured Austin that he would still be allowed to participate, he did not want there to be any doubt. So, over the summer he came to the school for band camp and to secure his place. Since that summer Austin has carried and loaded band equipment, joined practices, traveled with the band and has encouraged all who see him to join the Blue Ridge High School Marching band, His persistence and hard work paid off, not only did Austin have the earned honor of performing with the band this year at school events but he dressed, marched and played the drums during the 3A High School Football Championship game.
Austin has given to Blue Ridge far more then Blue Ridge has given to him.


Tiffany said...

Way to go Austin! I love the letter they wrote about him. I love how he knows everyone's name!

Wendy said...

WOW! GO AUSTIN GO!!! WOO HOO! When I get my copy of the newspaper ask Austin if I can have his autograph!!!! That is so cool!
Congratulations Austin!!

BrImHaLl FaMiLy said...

Awesomest! I got tears in my eyes! I can't think of anyone who deserves it more!!!!!! Way to go Austin! I'm going to get the paper so I can see my famous neighbor!

Donna/Mom said...

That is so cool. He is definetly an amazing kid. You should be so proud. That is a great picture of Austin.