Sunday, February 8, 2009


Rich, Austin and Taylor spoke in church today and I think they all did a great job! Hayden was suppose to speak but when he figured out that it was the same day they would be coming home from the snowboard trip he had to back out and thankfully Taylor said she would take his place. You guys did great!
Hayden is on his way home from the Mammoth trip and i think he had the time of his life...maybe i will have pictures to post once he gets back. He did say that they had 2 feet of new powder that they got to board in yesterday! he was pretty jazzed about that. He is a very happy little camper!
Rich got a new calling today as well...he will be the 1st councilor in the Young men's presidency and he is really excited about that. He has been a Sunday school teacher for the youth for years, off and on but he has always secretly wanted to be in YMs but never has been so he is super jazzed for this new challenge.


granny said...

well its about time he got his dream calling. I am sure he will be great at it.
Did Hayden get home ok. Big pile up in Sunflower with 15 cars off the road due to hail on the road. I hope he is safe in his wee bed tonight.

Donna/Mom said...

Your talks were really good, We really enjoyed them. Austin's was amazing. Great kid.

donna and family