Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Call from Hayden....

Hayden is in the Valley this week, spending his birthday doing "grown up" things....
so a bit ago I get a call from him and Ethan (our other "son")
Hayden: Hey MOMMMMM
Me: Hi Hayden....what are you up too?
Hayden: Were goin' ice skating!
Me: cool....was this Olympic induced?
Hayden: Ya Maybe, were gonna ice dance!
Me: oh really, your scaring me!
Hayden: Ya we have our iPods all synced up and everything
Me: oh yeah?
Hayden: Yep, to Lady Gaga!
Me: oh ok...well you have fun with that....
oh and send me pictures!

I'm Scared!


Short On Cents said...

That's just down right funny stuff-gave me a great laugh and great explanation