Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pirate Adventure

Monday, After we arrived in California we checked into our hotel and then headed over to a dinner theater called "Pirate Adventures" It was alot of fun and because we were there on a Monday night, it was not crowded and the boys got picked to be in every opportunity that the kids were given to participate.

This first video is of our Pirate Ben Blue fighting for the princess

These next two are of Noah taking the Pirates Oath

This is of Sawyer getting to row a boat around the big shiphe is the one in the front with the black pirate vest on

They got to dress up at the end and overtake the pirate ship

This was the ships captain and his wench....

This was the princess and "our" Benjamin Blue (we sat in his section and got to cheer for him)
he won over the princess in the end
so it was a happy ending!