Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Early Christmas

We were lucky enough to have Brittnee and her Little family come this last weekend
to spend an early Christmas with them!
I never get enough of this little granddaughter of ours!

She was super excited to play in all the snow we had
so we bundled her up tight and took her sledding for the first time

They boys built alittle sledding hill right in our yard that was just the right size for her...

but everyone else couldn't help themselves....

it was a great time and A LOT of fun!

After sledding we had Brittne, James and Brynlee open their presents

And then we got ready to go to our ward party
Here is Brynlee modeling her new outfit from YaYa (thats me)

Not sure what this is but it was sooo stinkin cute!

Our baby girls...

The whole little Bowdoin family...

Santa came to the ward Christmas party...she was fine sitting on his lap

But then came out the HUGE boo boo lip...
sooo funny!

Even though their stay was short we were VERY VERY glad they were able to make it!