Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The North Pole Experience

We had the exciting pleasure to go to the
 in Greer
When we got to Greer we had to board the candy cane express and make our way through the "Portal" that would take us to the North Pole....
When we arrived we were taken to the doors of Santa's Workshop
By a very happy Elf...

When we got inside the very first thing we got to see what the
this was fun for me because I got to see lots of toys from my childhood...

We then moved into the "old" small workshop, before it was expanded
We were given a tour of the old workshop and told what to expect in the new workshop by Santa's head elf

After that we went into the actual workshop and were able to help the elves make some toys that would go out to all the good boys and girls (I don't have pictures of that as my camera pretended to be out of batteries)
next we were invited in to sit around the table and have yummy cookies and Santa soup (hot chocolate)

after that we went into Elf University where we learned about manners, being grateful and how to be good boys and girls

finally we moved into Santa's office where we waited our turn to meet Santa
Here is Quade checking out Santa's big office chair

Sawyer had a turn

as did Noah

and then we were finally able to meet The Big Guy and tell him of all our dreams and wishes....

After we spent some time with Santa, we boarded the Candy Cane express and went back through the Portal and stopped in at Molly Bulters for a very very Yummy dinner!