Thursday, December 25, 2008

and...the GREATEST gift of all....

Well as usual, I spent all the money before Rich had a chance to buy me anything. So i was expecting nothing..which was fine, because I would much rather spend it on everyone else anyway. So we get to the end of the present opening...and there is one gift left under the tree. Rich gives it to me, and I'm totally surprised and shocked (cuz I'm not expecting anything remember) So I open it up and see the back first.....its obviously a picture but as I open it up i Read this poem that Rich Wrote.

A child so pure
A gift from above
On loan to us
To teach us pure love
Wrapped uniquely with care
By Gods loving hands
A giant of spirits
Placed here among man
The love that is his
He learned from his brother
No anger no hate
No conditions for others
His wonderful hug
That we need to savor
It’s simply no less,
Than the love of ourSavior

Rich Jones
And then I turn the picture around to revel this....

(click on the picture to get a closer look)

If your not getting it.....

here is the inspiration...

There is a story about how this picture came about....I will post more about that later.

So for now, just savor the moment as much as I am!


Tiffany said...

That is absolutely beautiful. I have tears in my eyes.

Rebecca said...

Love your Christmas posts! Excellent poem. Can't wait to hear the story behind the picture.