Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thats my boy! (not his dad's, just MINE! :P )

ok this is a totally proud mom, self indulgent post....I apologize right up front!
The 3A all region selections came out today.....
and even after a very heartbreaking loss on Saturday....
I could not be prouder of my son and his accomplishments
Hayden was named All Region, First Team Offense for Offensive Lineman!!
I'm sure some of you understand what that means...
but for those of you who don't....
the Coaches Pick the best Players in each position from all the players in the 3A East
and name them to
First team Offense
First team Defense
Second Team Offense
Second Team Defense
Honorable Mention
15 are selected for each team and 2 from each school can receive honorable mention.
only 4 kids from Blue Ridge were selected for 1st team Offense and they were (in this order)
Dustin Simmons - Quarter Back
Hayden Jones- Oline
Tyler Beus- Oline
Gerald Steed- Oline
this sure was a bright spot in what has been a very depressing last few days....


Tiffany said...

Congratulations Hayden! That is awesome! Francie, you have permission to brag as much as you want!

BrImHaLl FaMiLy! said...

He looks just like you too!! Ha ha
Good job Hayden!

Truly and Shane said...

WOW! 2 sets of twins!!!! Thanks for your comment, I'm definitely trying to keep them in. I'll be 35 weeks tomorrow....we want those babies a big as they can be :)

Donna/Mom said...

You are so funny Francie, your opening line on this post. We all feel the same no apologies needed but made me laugh anyway. You have such a way with words. be self indulgent we like that.