Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dear Santa....

A Conversation with Quade....
Quade- Santa?
Me- Yes Quade, Santa?..
Quade- Santa Come?
Me- Yes, Santa is Coming?
Me- Yes, we have to Wait for Santa to come
Quade- Presents?
Me- Yep, Santa will bring presents
Quade- Player? (as in some type of music player)
Me- You want a player? what else do you want Quaders?
Quade- Cena (as in Johns Cena Action figure)
Me- oh, ok...what else do you want?
Quade- Helmets (as in miniature NFL Helmets)
Me- What else do you want from Santa?
Quade-"H" (as in Triple H Action figure)
Me- Is there anything else?
Quade- Santa Come.....
Thus....Quade's first ever verbal (or any other kind) Christmas list!
I was shocked and amazed...and we have heard nothing else besides the above conversation for the last three days...over and over and over again....
good thing I'm a Super smart Santa's helper and not only could I understand everything he asked for but I'm also pretty sure we (Santa and I) have the list covered! whewwwwwwww


*~Brittnee~* said...

wow lol that is amazing! I loved reading it! I love my Bear Bear! I cannot belive he has a Chrristmas list this year!!!!!! Go Quader you are SO SMART!!!

pullinforfun said...

That is so awesome. You are a great mother and should be proud of all your kids... they are great too. Isn't so funny how us moms can understand what our kids are saying when no one else has even the slightest idea what they are saying? Well I guess that is another one of those "special" gifts women are given when they give birth.... Have a very Merry Christmas!!

Donna/Mom said...

Thats great, gotta love Quade. Santa is very smart. Looks like your are having fun at your house.