Saturday, March 21, 2009

Birthday boys!.......

My Babies...My little tiny babies.....
are 9 years old today!
it is really, REALLY just not possible!

Just a few, very short days ago Noah looked like this...
and Sawyer looked like this.....
can you guess which one is older???

Just a few days before that.....they looked like this!

and just a very few days before that they looked like this....

and just a few, impossibly short days before that.....they looked like this!

where has the time gone?

We found out we were pregnant in August 1999...(which we were in shock about)

When you have trouble getting pregnant at all and have gone through alot to get the 5 kids you have and you are pretty sure that you are done having babies, it is pretty surprising to find out you are mysteriously (lol) pregnant again. Especially when your hubby is working a few states away and you only saw him 2 maybe 3 time in the last several months....
So surprised was an understatement!
We were preparing to move to Boise so we decided to wait until after the move in October to see the doctor. I packed and prepared for the move all by myself. It was hard work doing all that while taking care of 5 kiddos and being pregnant. After our move I made an appointment with our new AWESOME doctor and went to the appt by myself as Rich was new at his job and could not get away. When the doctor was examining me he told me that I was measuring a few weeks bigger then what I thought I was....I told him that I was positive about our conception date for obvious reasons....He said, well its probably just because you had twins before...lets just do an ultrasound to be he pulls out the machine and proceeds to check things out. And then...
Our world changed forever.
I went to the appt in full denial that I was even really pregnant at all. I fully expected him to tell me it was a false positive and that I really was not pregnant after all, only to have him tell me that we were indeed going to be parents again and that it was going to be twins again!!
This is point in this story where I lost my mind and I smacked him on the sleeve and said
luckily he had a good sense of humor!
He printed pictures for me and I left the office in shock. I drove to Rich's office and went in and asked him to come outside. He could see I was visible shaken. I handed him the pictures and he looked at them closely ( I did not say a word) and then he got a great big smile on his face and started to laugh. I did not think it was so funny but his reaction made EVERYTHING all right!
From that point on we had a pretty uneventful pregnancy. We found out in December that we were having BOYS!!!! oh my.....I was secretly hoping for two girls.
I was put on bed rest in February and was given drugs to keep us from contracting. We did much better with this pregnancy and were able to stay out of the hospital. Our goal was to make it to 36 weeks. And we did!! We went in for our 36 week visit and the doctor took us off the meds and told us we were allowed to have these babies any time we left and went and walked and walked and walked some more...and BAM! We went into labor around 10pm
Our Labor and delivery was so much different then any of our other kids....these boys were not following the rules.
They set up the OR for us to deliver in "just in case"
Baby "A" ( who we will now call
Noah Richard)
was born on
March 21, 2000
at 10:09
5 lbs 4 oz
18 inches long

so now it was baby "b"s turn
only he had other plans....
He decided to go into hiding....and he was breech
this is where things get alittle graphic so if you are squeamish skip ahead...

The doctor had to "go in" after him....I was completely numb with epidural in preparation that I just might need a c-section if things got crazy...
So the doctor is up to his elbow (Rich resisted the urge to udder a MOOOO) trying to locate baby Bs feet or arms or head or anything that he can get a hold of in order to pull this baby out.
after about 20 minutes of unsuccessfully trying to get this tightly wound baby to turn or give up a limb, he finally called for everyone in the room to prep for a c-section. Which they started to prepare for....the doctor let me know that this would be his last attempt and then he would proceed with the c-section.
All of a sudden the doctors eyes, above his mask got extremely large and he said " your not going to believe this, but this baby just kicked his foot right into my hand" and he was then able to pull this baby from my womb feet first!
so after 3o minutes, and several bruises baby B emerged!

If you were the squeamish, who is skipping ahead, you can pick up the story here!
I must add at this point that although this story sounds horrific. This doctor was the absolute best and I felt he did everything right. I would not have changed a thing.

Sawyer Nicholas
was born
at 10:39
5 lbs 3 oz
18 1/2 inches

The first time I looked into their little faces....


Jeremiah and Heidi said...

Thanks for the backgroud link! So took me all of 2 min to change my blog :)

I guess now that you left me a coment I can offically say I stalk your blog every so often. I love all your kids and all the fun stories about them.

Gerri said...

Happy Birthday guys! Sounds like a great day with baseball and bowling. Wish we could have been there!

Miss You! Gerri, Rich & Jessi

Tiffany said...

Hey! Thanks for being worried about me! We headed to California for the rest of our spring break. I just got caught up on all your blog entries. I remember you calling me just after you found out you were having twins again and I totally couldn't believe it either! SHUT UP! But is that when I officially named you my friend:
Francie twins twice?

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Noah & Sawyer. Jacqueline was a feet first breech too! Kaitlin was born first and Jacqueline decided to turn around. They will be 10 on March 31st! Love your blog Francie.

KacieFlake said...

Great idea about taking pictures at the doctor! My mom said that Brittnee is moving into the apartments right across the street from us! I'm so excited. I was thinking that I'd give her a baby shower and saw on her blog that you're planning on giving one. Can you use my help/house/anything? I'm excited to have a friend back in Pinetop!